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Ride out Rules / Drop Off Systerm ....

Discussion in 'General Rideouts' started by Yoda, Jul 18, 2011.

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  1. Yoda

    Yoda Sport Tourer + Site Supporter

    Pre Ride, Before reaching the start point for a ride out, each rider should make sure of the following:

    Fuel: Make sure you have at least 75 miles of fuel before the start of the ride. This is to ensure that all riders can make the distance between fuel stops. Less stops = more riding.

    Bike: Be sure your bike is up to the ride and everything works as it should. Your non functioning brake light could make for a long afternoon by the roadside.

    You: Check the weather, wear something appropriate (or carry waterproofs) - this is England, expect ANYTHING! :rofl:. Make sure you have a 'Crash Card' or similar with any allergies and conditions, plus a contact number. Just in case!

    The Ride

    Getting the whole ride out to the same place requires 3 roles:

    1. Ride Leader, All organised ride outs will have a ride 'Leader', this is usually the person who posts the ride initially but not always, they lead the ride, know the route, set the pace, call fuel/rest stops etc. If there is traffic they will make sure there is enough room for at least 2 bikes to pass before performing an overtake overtake, this is to make sure there is a:

    2. 2nd Man, these are the key to a good ride out! The rider directly behind the leader has the job of marking changes in direction. The rule for ride outs is: If there's no marker, continue straight on.
    When a change in direction happens, the 2nd Man will be the one to mark it. This will be done in one of 2 ways;

    Junctions: The 2nd Man will stop on the roadside BEFORE the junction and indicate the direction to be taken by the riders following.

    Roundabouts: The 2nd Man will stop AFTER the exit to be taken, but still in view of the roundabout.

    The 2nd Man will then wait in position while ALL bikes follow their direction, until they see:

    3. Back Marker, this will be a competent rider who also knows the destination and designates himself as "last man" and ALWAYS rides at the back of the group. Their role is to make sure no rider is left behind and should a moment of 'confusion' arise, they can ensure the back of the group arrives in the correct location.
    When the Back Marker approaches the 2nd Man (indicating direction changes), he should slow down and allow the 2nd Man to move back into the group.

    Ride Leader and Back Marker will both wear tabards to aid identification.

    The rest of the riders just have to follow the road, give yourself enough space between you and the bike in front and watch for the 2nd Man marking dircetion changes.
    Don't feel that you have to ride faster than you feel comfortable with just to keep up, the route will be marked. It's about having fun and enjoying the day.

    If everyone keeps to the rules then there is no reason that every single bike can't make the whole rideout from start to finish.

    Remember, a large ride out is noticeable and your behavior reflects on ALL bikers as well as the forum. Don't be a pr*t even if a cager is one! ;)
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