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  2. Please remember that when you have sold an item to contact a moderator to change the title prefix to SOLD.

    This makes it easier for users to see whats still available.

SECB Classified Section.

Discussion in 'Bike Related Items.' started by Roadwart, Jul 23, 2011.

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  1. Roadwart

    Roadwart Administrator Staff Member Administrator +

    Motorcycle related item ONLY please. ALL posts to this section have to be approved by a moderator. This area is open to all members to post & reply.
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  2. Skortchio

    Skortchio Caustic +

    Remember guys, when selling: More is more!

    All adverts should include at least 1 photo, but the more the better.

    Also include as much detail as possible, especially on bike listings.
    Statements like "too many extras to list" won't help you make a sale to people who know their sh*t. It sounds like you can't be bothered.
    List those extras, be proud of them :thumbsup:

    Above all, be honest! If there's a knocking noise, say so. If the stitching has been repaired in the ass of your leather, let people know it was a curry that caused it and not sliding down the road.
    You're selling to forum members, not strangers and we look after each other!

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  3. Roadwart

    Roadwart Administrator Staff Member Administrator +

    Please also change the title prefix to SOLD once a transaction is complete. This will make it easier for fellow users to see at a glance whats still available.
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