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Talan At Brands This Weekend

Discussion in 'Main Forum' started by T.C, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. T.C

    T.C Race Rep +

    If anyone is Interested, Talan (www.talanmotorsport.co.uk) and the team are competing at Brands this weekend.

    The team are located in garage 2, and Talan and the guys would be delighted to talk to and welcome anyone who pops by to see them.

    I will be there tomorrow (Saturday)
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  2. BlackHornet

    BlackHornet Look before you turn Staff Member Moderator +

    I think I am heading up Sunday so might pop my head in :)
  3. Beelady

    Beelady Custom cruiser +

    Can't make it but I hope everyone has a great time. I've only met him briefly but such a nice man. Impressive hill climber too!
  4. lammyR6

    lammyR6 Moderator Staff Member Moderator + Site Supporter

    Will be there Sunday. A few friends are racing :Mdance:

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