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I Was Given Some Interesting Advice This Morning

Discussion in 'Main Forum' started by T.C, Sep 19, 2018.

  1. T.C

    T.C Race Rep +

    Many of you might already know this, so my apologies, but I was given some advice this morning by my nurse which I had never heard before.

    Today was INR blood test day which means trekking off down to the Doctors surgery (pre-arranged appointment) and having a needle stuck in my arm and precious red stuff drawn off.

    Usually it is a quick in and out job, 5 minutes tops.

    However, today, went to stick the needle in my left arm, and there was hardly a dribble. Tries in another vein, same problem.

    Went into my right arm, first attempt nothing and then second attempt, bingo, the red stuff started to flow.

    Apparently, difficulty in finding a vein or getting a good flow is often down to being dehydrated.

    And so, I was told, if I have a glass of water or just a drink, the vein becomes easier to find and the claret flows easier.

    Never knew that. So in 3 months time I will follow that advice, although in fairness it is not usually a problem I have really had before.

    But had I known that, my arms would not be currently looking like a pin cushion and going a lovely shade of blue and purple

    Never too old to learn something new though

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