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New Chat Room (1st June, 2013)

Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by Panel Man, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. Panel Man

    Panel Man British Superbike +

    I went into the Chat Lobby (obviously I'm not yet allowed into the chat room) and found that it allows only a line and a half of typing. I suppose this suffices for conversations like, "'Allo"?
    "'Allo. Who's that"?
    "It's me".
    "Identify yourself, Chat room intruder".
    "Don't be daft, you wally".
    "No, really. I can't see who you are".


    [insert chuckles emoticon and series of increasingly insulting phrases]

    Am I supposed to be able to write at more length, ie. in whole sentences and paragraphs and is this a glitch? Or must I somehow adopt a more staccato style of typed speech?
  2. Roadwart

    Roadwart Administrator Staff Member Administrator +

    Thanks for the feedback Richard. :thumbsup:

    As we are using the evaluation version of the software (free) we only have the chat lobby available to us at the moment. Is there any real point in having more rooms considering we have various sections in the forum anyway?

    The message limit seems to be 260 characters (don`t forget a space counts as a character) which again, seems to be "set" for the evaluation version. The full version does have an adjustable limit

    but has no mention it its able to be set to unlimited.
  3. Panel Man

    Panel Man British Superbike +

    I'll try to keep it short!
  4. _Yappa_

    _Yappa_ Official SECB representative down under. +

    Just put an enter between each 4th word and you'll be right PM!!!
    Panel Man likes this.
  5. GixxerGilly

    GixxerGilly Moderator + Site Supporter

    HASHTG POSTS ?/ ooops caps == i talk to much so wont stand a chance then :-(

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