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My Old Chap

Discussion in 'Gallery' started by phil read, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. phil read

    phil read Race Rep +

    I know it's A Triumph possibly A 350 any ideas?
  2. Les

    Les British Superbike + Site Supporter

    Better than the old chap I was expecting:rolleyes: but no, I think Guzzi Rob might provide an answer. I thought it'd be bigger than a 350 with it being a twin...maybe 500?
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  3. Beelady

    Beelady Custom cruiser +

    It could be a 350, possibly around 1939. The 500 wasn't made in that style until after the war. (I am quoting my Oracle here. I am useless at remembering stuff like this).
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  4. GuzziRob

    GuzziRob Race Rep +

    Mmm. I believe the pre-war models had girder forks and the 350 was a single cylinder (T80 or 5H models?)
    This is more likely to be a 500 Speed Twin. (5T or T100). Almost certainly post war as it has telescopic front forks and a rigid? rear end. The lack of a nacelle on the forks would make its manufacture prior to 1949.

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