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Avatar, Or Logo, What Ever It Is Called

Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by MaDProFF, May 9, 2016.

  1. MaDProFF

    MaDProFF British Superbike +

    Roadwart, when we copy and paste a link for the Site the icon that is associated with the link is something other than SEB, it seems to change, and people may think it is for a different site.

    I am sure there is a way to lock a icon linked to the main web page, or home forum page.

    here is also a main forum we use. slightly easier to keep track of posts on there than faceache . http://www.southeastcountiesbikers.co.uk/forum/

    South East Counties Bikers

    Banter for Bikers
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    Joe Bergin
    Welcome. I second joining the forum. Some stuff gets posted on the Facebook but not all grin emoticon
  2. MaDProFF

    MaDProFF British Superbike +

    Also can someone post on the FB page that you can upload pics direct to the site. but it is size capped? or it was, I assume it is still in place and you can upload direct.
    RW can you put an app/module in place that auto reduces the size so it is allowed to be uploaded, or change the cap to something more manageable for people downsizing pics, (so few are uploaded now due to cap)
  3. Roadwart

    Roadwart Administrator Staff Member Administrator +

    I wasn`t aware that it wasn`t picking up on the forum logo & was using the software logo instead. It should be fixed now though :thumbsup:

    The size cap for pics is 200kb per file. This is to save on server space & also keep the loading times down. The picture dimensions have no restraints as they are resized automatically to fit the viewing device screen by the softwares "responsive web design" coding. Just save the file & as long as the saved file is 200kb or less the system will accept it as a direct upload.

    The other option is to upload to a site such as photobucket (other sites are available) & then put the link to the picture in the post. The system will then pick up that its a hotlinked image & display it.
    Last edited: May 10, 2016

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