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Is It An Age Thing?

Discussion in 'Main Forum' started by T.C, May 30, 2017.

  1. T.C

    T.C Race Rep +

    This is probably a question that can only be answered by someone in their 60's, or older than me (late 50's), I don't know, hence I thought I would ask the question.

    I have always by and large been quite mild mannered and it usually takes a lot to wind me up before I let fly, but once the blue touch paper has been lit it is usually a case of stand back as I blow my top, (which very few people have ever seen) after which it is forgotten, no grudges and I carry on.

    I have always (and still do) try to and have been prepared to help out wherever I can, and I have always tried to look at the funny side of things or find humour in 99% of situations.

    This is different to having a difference of opinion, or an argument or debate as we all have different views, I am on about really being wound up.

    But over the past 12 - 18 months, I have noticed that I really am becoming less tolerant of people, things or circumstances. I have lost count of the number of times I have been seething and really had to bite my lip or I have had a pop at someone because they have come out with total garbage.

    A few people have commented that my reaction has sometimes surprised them, It is only when I think back I realise that maybe I was a bit off...

    I used to think said someone who spouted garbage was just a tosspot and then move on. Now I think what a total w@nker and it festers with me and simmers below the waterline.

    Is that just me or is it an age thing? And don't mention the male menopause. Not interested....
  2. megawatt

    megawatt British Superbike +

    It's just you. I never lose my temper.
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  3. BlackHornet

    BlackHornet Look before you turn Staff Member Moderator +

    nope it's down to the f%%king liberal lefties insisting that everything must have a warning label, every kid must be rewarded even if they fail which means natural selection and common sense are now becoming rare. The result is not just more idiots but also more liberals coming up with even more cranky ideas :fume::fume::fume::fume::fume::fume:

    Or maybe it's just you :rolleyes::shrug::hah:
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  4. MaDProFF

    MaDProFF British Superbike +

    I must admit I always thought you were suppose to mellow as you got older, not sure that is the case though.
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  5. JimBo

    JimBo Race Rep +

    No, definitely an age thing. After 65 years I can't even go round a supermarket without at least four twa... people annoying me! What will I be like when I'm 100 years old?
    The term is "not suffering fools lightly ".

    I'm calmer on the bike than anywhere else. I suppose it's a self preservation thing?
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  6. Vitesse45

    Vitesse45 Sport Tourer +

    Spot on!! BlackHornet, they are ruining everything from Human Rights example terrorist's right not to be sent back to their own country because they 'might' be harmed!!!! what about MY HUMAN RIGHT'S NOT TO HAVE SOMEONE THAT WANTS TO BLOW ME UP living in MY COUNTRY!!!!! rant over for that bit, and the TWAT'S that think telling off a misbehaving child is wrong :mad: FFS!!!!

    Yes it's an age thing, the older i get the more I am intolerant of people's stupidity, I am very chilled normally, and not many people have ever seen me lose it, but as age creeps on............ I find I'm 'biting my lip' more and more
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  7. JohnA

    JohnA Commuter 500 +

    Future doesn't look too bright then..:violin:
    Suffering fools is not my forte..:bhead:
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  8. Pilbs

    Pilbs Sport Tourer +

    Only just hit my forties - but yep getting more irritated by idiots!!

    On a forum, email or text it's a really tough one - I work in HR and we quite often have issues with interpretation of emails/texts - unfortunately people can write things, but you don't get the inflection of questioning/humour. Quite often something can be written and taken completely the wrong way as you don't get the vocal or facial expression that goes with it..... :shrug:
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  9. lisa lou

    lisa lou Sport Tourer +

    i'm actually quite glad no one can hear me driving/riding with my constant ' Really??
    Oh come onnnnn , it's a 50mph zone notttt 25 ! get. out . of. the . way ! ... any time now would be good! if you get to your side of the junction you wouldn't hold us all up !
    with a few muppet! and toss wombles chucked in there :bike::bhead::stomp::hah:
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  10. megawatt

    megawatt British Superbike +

    Very restrained Lisa.
  11. Eagle

    Eagle Sport Tourer +

    Damn that sounds just like me :thumbsdown::shrug:

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