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East Sussex Highways Road "dressing" Plan

Discussion in 'On the Road!' started by lammyR6, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. lammyR6

    lammyR6 Moderator Staff Member Moderator + Site Supporter

    Thanks to a few of the group replying to a Highways post on Facebook we have an idea of roads and dates locally that will be "dressed" as they so eloquently put it. In other words, have a load of chippings thrown at them and then wait to see how many bikers come off before the chippings have been compressed into bitumen enough!
    Here is the info (dates may be changed depending on weather):

    25/07/17 Sheffield Park, Fletching 1 day Road closure

    Partridges Lane, Wadhurst 1 day Road closure

    26/07/17 Fletching Street & Coggins Mill Lane, Mayfield 1 Day Road Closure

    26/07/17 Alice Bright Lane, Crowborough 1 Day Road Closure

    26/07/17 Fairglen Road & Faircrouch Lane, Wadhurst 2 Days Road Closure

    27/07/17 Pevensey Bay Road, Eastbourne 2 Days Stop/Go Boards

    27/07/17 Knowle Lane, Heathfield 1 Day Road Closure

    27/07/17 Jonas Lane, Wadhurst 1 Day Road Closure

    27/07/17 Brinkers Lane, Wadhurst 1 Day Road Closure

    27/07/17 Lower Wick Street, Selmeston 1 Day Road Closure

    28/07/17 Catsfield Road, Crowhurst 1 Day Road Closure

    28/07/17 Bexhill Road, St Leonards 1 Day Stop/Go Boards

    29/07/17 Red Barn, Ashburnham 1 Day Road Closure

    30/07/17 Swailes Green, Ewhurst 1 Day Road Closure

    30/07/17 Poppinghole Lane, Sedlescombe 2 Days Road Closure

    30/07/17 Stream Lane, Sedlescombe 1 Day Road Closure

    31/07/17 Bishops Lane, Robertsbridge 1 Day Road Closure

    31/07/17 Tufton Lane, Northiam 1 Day Road Closure

    31/07/17 Bodiam Road, Bodiam 1 Day Road Closure

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  2. BlackHornet

    BlackHornet Look before you turn Staff Member Moderator +

    bloody hell there won't be anywhere to go to avoid them
  3. Carl Berg

    Carl Berg Sport Tourer +

    While riding around France the other week there were many roads that'd been 'dressed' that had no warning boards at all. It was bloomin' dangerous as the stones that'd been used were piled up along where the 4 wheel + type vehicles had thrown them

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