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Deals In Lidl

Discussion in 'Main Forum' started by lammyR6, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. lammyR6

    lammyR6 Moderator Staff Member Moderator + Site Supporter

    Popped into lovely Lidl yesterday. They have a good range of bike related stuff: Muc Off products, tie down straps, bungees, lightweight power pack starters etc. There were a few more things but I was in a hurry so didn't have time to browse. Might be worth a little look if you're in need of any of the above.
    Oooh, and for cars - the heated seat covers that plug into the ciggy lighter. Leather seats and winter :brr:.
    Loved having mine last year.
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  2. Beelady

    Beelady Custom cruiser +

    Ooh! Muc Off. I need some. Maybe I'll find time to have a look tomorrow :)
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  3. hoppielimp

    hoppielimp Fair Weather Rider +

    Only if you are wearing a bikini bottom or speedos :giggle:
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  4. BlackHornet

    BlackHornet Look before you turn Staff Member Moderator +

    funny I popped in last night and got some much off and chain cleaner :thumbsup:
  5. alexs

    alexs Race Rep +

    Autumn/winter has arrived and I’ve time to catch up on SECB.....Tom buying cleaning products....you’ve changed dude?!!
  6. BlackHornet

    BlackHornet Look before you turn Staff Member Moderator +

    no i have always brought stuff. just never use it :D
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