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Discussion in 'Funny page' started by phil read, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. phil read

    phil read Custom cruiser +

    While out on my bike, I swerved to avoid hitting a fox, lost control and landed in a ditch, and severely banged my head.

    Dazed and confused I crawled out of the ditch to the edge of the road when a shinny new convertible pulled up with a very beautiful, women, who asked, "Are you okay?"

    As I looked up, I noticed she was wearing a low cut blouse with cleavage to die for...

    "I'm okay I think," I replied as I pulled myself up to the side of the car to get a closer look.

    She said, “get in and I will take you to my house so I can clean and bandage that nasty scrape on your head.”

    "That's nice of you," I answered, but I don't think my wife will like me doing that!

    "Oh, come now, I am a nurse" she insisted. "I need to see if you have any more scrapes and then treat them properly."

    Well, she was really pretty, and very persuasive and being sort of shaken and weak, I agreed, but repeated, "I'm sure my wife won't like this."

    We arrived at her place which was just few miles away, and after a couple of cold lagers and the bandaging, I thanked her and said, "I feel a lot better, but I know my wife is going to be really upset, so I'd better go now."

    "Don't be silly!" she said with a smile, while unbuttoning her blouse exposing the most beautiful set of boobs I’ve ever seen. "Stay for a while. She won't know anything, and by the way, where is she?"

    I replied, "Still in the ditch with my bike, I guess."
  2. BlackHornet

    BlackHornet Look before you turn Staff Member Moderator +

  3. Blade rr6

    Blade rr6 Custom cruiser +

    Is that a true story?:shrug:
  4. phil read

    phil read Custom cruiser +

    :fib:of course it is :fib:
  5. MaDProFF

    MaDProFF World Superbike +

    it might be :)
    phil read likes this.
  6. Blade rr6

    Blade rr6 Custom cruiser +

    That's a shame i was gonna ask what ditch and time, park my bike in it and hope it's a regular route and time she passes:red:

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